Month: February 2013

Ranking the ladies

Here are the ladies, ranked based on how I like their chances, with my own feeble attempts to explain what they sound like tossed in to keep them from sticking together:   40- Zoanette Johnson, 19: An air raid siren… Read More ›

Ranking the fellas

I ranked all the males that Idol aired during the audition rounds. Next to each contestant I took a shot at describing who they sound like, for reference. If you think you have better comps, let me know in the… Read More ›

San Antonio

Vincent Powell, 29: Chubby bald black returning contestant, first one up. Apparently he’s the one who was sleeping in Adam Brock’s colon last year. Phat Gokey thought it was a woman, but I’m pretty sure it was this guy. He… Read More ›

Oklahoma City

Karl Skinner, 26: He reminds of a lot of Casey Abrams. At 26 years old (Casey was 19 when he auditioned) he should have a better grasp on his manic energy, and hopefully his colon works better. He’s more sleeper… Read More ›