Month: March 2013

Final eight perform

Idol Final Eight Performance Night/Safe to in Danger: Good luck tonight Idol; Idol’s opening act was Siobhan and her new band “Doubtful Guest”. They debuted the band tonight with a concert on If you are on facebook you probably… Read More ›

FInal nine sing the Beatles

AMERICAN IDOL Season Twelve Top Nine/Beatles Nigh  I love the Beatles, man…… I wasn’t going to do any of these full blown articles this year, partly because I’m busier than last year, partly because I’m older than last year, but… Read More ›

On to the finals

Boys Paul Jolley Burnell “Urkel” Taylor Curtis “Big Ugly” Finch Devin Velez Lazaro Arbos Girls Janelle Arthur Candice Glover Angie Miller Amber Holcomb Kree Harrison Paul and Devin both deserved to make it based on the quality of their voices,… Read More ›

The fellas perform

The Singers, the Songs (and no judges, I skip the judging altogether): Elijiah Liu, “Stay” (Rhianna) He went sharp at the end of every phrase, but I doubt that the voters noticed. He has a commercial tone, but little else… Read More ›

The ladies perform

The singers, the songs… Zoanette Johnson, “What’s Love Got to do with it”, Tina Turner Well…. if it’s just about singing, she wasn’t very good. With her, though, it’s not really about the singing. It’s about the spontaneity and her… Read More ›