Month: April 2013

Amber walks the plank

Amber, “Power of Love” (Celine Dion) Her voice was amazing, as usual. Her looks were amazing, as usual. Her professionalism was impressive for a kid, green for an adult – as usual. I heard rumblings that Amber is supposedly the… Read More ›

Final five perform

Candice- “Straight Up (Paula Abdul) Candice looks a little like Queen Latifa, doesn’t she? There were some serious, moment-worthy performances elsewhere on the show tonight (see Amber), but this tight, sweet, funky performance was my favorite. As much as Candice… Read More ›

Final six perform

First up was Burnell’s ouster. Idol’s history tells us that Burnell won’t ever be heard from again in the mainstream, and that’s probably 98% the expected result, but there is something special, and very pleasing, about being around this kid…. Read More ›

Final seven perform

I’m writing this well after the fact, so the format is slightly adjusted. I can’t predict what already happened. Ok I can, but not after I admitted that this is written well after the fact. Burnell, “You Give Love a… Read More ›