Month: June 2017

I Know

Franky and Annie met at the laundry Now their teenaged children are washing their clothes I saw the beginning, pulling socks from the dryer And folding my blue jeans alone When I dated Sherry, she wanted to marry But for… Read More ›

The Fence

Forever I’ve waited Waited so long Holding back my intentions I keep hanging on You said don’t worry, baby Let’s just lie in the sun Are you just a pipe dream I can never give up? We can straddle the… Read More ›

A Memory Away

Yesterday’s goodbyes Are tomorrow’s fading memories The bright reflection in your eyes Slowly turns to gray All the laughter and love we shared Fed the fire in my soul Now the flame is just an ember That will never go… Read More ›

Candy Store

I’m not a man who’s been around I don’t always know what’s going down But a vision so strong I can’t deny Makes me go hog wild Like a kid in a candy story Running crazy through the aisles So… Read More ›

Let’s Take Our Time

Roses bloom Gifts in June Petals spread in the summer sunshine Grapevines bulge With ripening berries Green in July Red in September All in its season Everything ripens All in its season In its own sweet time Let’s take out… Read More ›