Month: July 2017

What’s the Point?

Two unhappy faces staring at the wall She’s looking over her shoulder, as if she was expecting a call All the small talk is over – now there’s nothing left to say I’d disappear, if I could find a way… Read More ›

I Wanna Know

When the sun comes up Where does the night go? Under the starlight Why does the moon glow? If I reach for heaven Why can’t I touch the sun? Climb the highest mountain And wave to everyone? I wanna know… Read More ›

Angel of Love

Down and out Trying to warm my heart of stone Surrounded by people I never felt so alone I felt a smile Brush my shoulder, I turned I saw her sitting there A yellow ribbon in her hair Winking at… Read More ›

Never at the Right Time

Right words spoken Love expressed, so perfectly right One clear thought clearly understood But never at the right time Baby you take things so seriously You never know when to let go so easily You say you want to take… Read More ›

Beam Me Up

Cuba Libre – rum and coke with a squeeze Tanqueray with a little twist of lime So sublime But that don’t quench my thirst at quittin’ time Beam me up Shoot me down Boilermakers all around Bourbon and beer makes… Read More ›

I’m Coming Home

Young streets, paved golden Young hearts, never break Young dreams’ magic spell unbroken Older and wiser – never too late Satan’s liest unspoken Broken promises, never made Spirit soars, unprotected Devil’s rules, meant for fools I’m coming home I’m coming… Read More ›

The Rug

Bobby Lee’s from the Deep South Born to southern charm Drawl slow and easy Talk the talk, stroll the stroll But Bobby Lee’s frustrated Picking cotton, baling hay His daddy said, “know your roots son” It’s always been this way… Read More ›