Month: November 2018

The Will to Power

Robert Robb, who wrote this piece, is not some right wing kook. He’s a dammed good columnist. But he’s wrong here.   Presidents wield power comensurate with their experience and expertise. They need that power to handle their myriad responsibilities…. Read More ›

Burma Shave and a Haircut

This is different. Vice President Mike Pence braced Myanmar’s leader about the nation’s treatment of Muslim refugees coming in from Bangladesh and the jailing of two Rueters journalists. “The violence and persecution by military and vigilantes that resulted in driving… Read More ›

My Three Sons

My three sons have ancestors who killed Native Americans. One decided to embrace the responsibility for the sins of his ancestors. He swore to protect those who remained. One decided to embrace the legacy of his ancestors. He swore to… Read More ›

Bullying Pulpit

I thought the recent spate of shootings and the pipe bombs might slow President Trump down a little, but somehow he’s stepped up his bullying and threatening behavior. He’s ratcheted up his attacks on the media, and he is no… Read More ›