A Biography in 1,000 Players Players 56-60

Here are the players I ranked 56th thru 60th:

56 Nolan Ryan 996 P 15
57 Bert Blyleven 995 P 16
58 Pedro Martinez 989 P 17
59 Craig Biggio 986 2B 6
60 Robin Roberts 984 P 18


Some people think Nolan Ryan should be part of the inner circle. I will tell you why I disagree. Bert Blyleven is ranked high for someone who took a long time to make the hall of fame. We will discuss that. Pedro Martinez I would probably rate higher except I did things to move him up already. Craig Biggio came just short of breaking a major league record. When I was just a kid, I didn’t think Robin Roberts belonged in the hall of fame because he didn’t win 300 games. OK, I wasn’t the most brilliant kid.

After this round of 5, I will be back doing 10 players again.


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