Idol: Season 15


Semifinals first 12 performance reviews Semifinals first 12 safe to in danger Semifinals first 12 duets and results show Semifinals second 12 performance reviews Semifinals second 12 safe to in danger Semifinals second 12 duets and results show Top 14… Read More ›

Top 24 Bios

CLICK ON THEIR NAMES FOR BIO, ASSESSMENTS, AND LIVE PERFORMANCES — 1. Dalton Rapattoni – There is almost too much to like 2. Olivia Rox (Hill) – Maybe the most talented, least self-aware human on the planet 3. MacKenzie Bourg – The best… Read More ›


Top ten performance night And then there were eight And then there were six And then there were five And then there were four And then there were three And then there were two

Power Rankings

Week Two Auditions, January 16 End of Audition Rounds, January 23 Hollywood Week One Update Top 24 – February 6 Top 14 – February 22


Denver and Atlanta Auditions San Francisco and Little Rock Auditions Philadelphia Auditions Denver and Little Rock Auditions Audition Round Five Final Audition Show Power Rankings – End of Audition Rounds

And then there were two

America chose the best voice after all. Trent Harmon, in a triumph of vocal talent over cute, sweet, pretty, cool, pretty cool, and even mononucleosis, won Fellapalooza and is officially in the finale. His prize: a spot next to Chia… Read More ›

And then there were 4

It wasn’t reasonable to expect another night full of moments, I suppose, but tonight’s show was definitely sedate compared to last week’s show. As expected Sonika was sent home, Kat McPhee and David Cook came back to perform, and Sia… Read More ›